About the Inn
Ginger Blue Inn is located in what is now Ginger Blue Village, just off of 59 HWY between Lanagan and Noel Missouri . Ginger Blue Inn
consists of two structures, a two story Carriage House and the main Inn, The Carriage House has two bedrooms, two baths, a TV room
and a kitchen The main Inn has three bedrooms with private baths and a commons area.

The home boasts a large living room with an ornate 9 ft fireplace, a 20 ft ceiling, and grand piano. This room is perfect for weddings and
can hold up to 40 people. The German Tea Room is a dining room where the guests are served a complimentary breakfast. This room
has an old English inn atmosphere and is decorated with steins, lots of warm paneling and has a real wood burning fireplace. It also
can host up to 25 guests for special parties or dinners.

Both facilities have designated smoking areas outside.
The History Behind the Inn
In 1915 a railroad man from Kansas City built a summer lodge for city folk who wanted to get away and fish the Elk River.

He built the lodge on the banks of the river and named it Ginger Blue after a Native American chief who lived near the site in the 1700s.
The resort became a success and the owner soon realized the need for a more family-oriented resort.

In 1920, visitors from the three-state area thronged to the resort to enjoy nearby caves, the water and the sulfur wells. The tourism part
of the area grew and flourished through the 1970s and Ginger Blue Resort remained open through the 1990’s. The Inn eventually
closed and not too long after, the historic structure sadly burned to the ground.

Owners, Lynn and William Mosby always held fond memories of Ginger Blue and purchased a home in Ginger Blue Village in the early
1990’s. After the Inn closed the couple’s dream was to keep Ginger Blue alive and so they began remodeling their home into what is
now Ginger Blue Inn.

The new inn was remodeled and decorated in the Old World Style with influences from old European architecture. A former building
contractor, William Mosby did most of the building himself with the help of family and friends starting in 2004. Together the couple
decorated the home with owner, Lynn Mosby’s expertise in refinishing furniture and home decorating. Ginger Blue Inn is a mix of old
and new with much of the furniture from Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City.

Ginger Blue Inn is located in what is now Ginger Blue Village, about ¼ of a mile from the original location.